RPL Diskless Windows 98 

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RPL PNP Win9X diskless workstations on a NT or Win200X network

Zhang Yu-fei
Email: zlocksoft@zlocksoft.com

Support Plug and play, all diskless workstation's hardware can different, the netcard can different. Every diskless PC can support different local or net printer. Support ndis5 net driver. 


A.  Installation NT , Win2000 or Win2003 on Server

You can install Win2003 Server,  Win2000 Advance Server, Win2003 Server or WinNT4.0 Server. suggest the server name to be W98SERVER. Then install TCP/IPIPXNETBEUI and DLC protocol, and appoint the IP address and sub-net mask. After the steps above, you can continue the section B to install the remote service software.

Unzip the program we provide to directory  C:\RPL_WIN98.

BInstall Remoteboot Service on Server

  1. Download the file SetRPL9.exe from http://www.zlocksoft.com/diskless/english/download/SetRpl9.zip
     and unzip
    SetRPL9.exe to C:\RPL_WIN98 on server.
  2. Run the file SetRPL9.exe in directory  C:\RPL_WIN98.
  3. After the steps above, you should reboot the server, and continue the section C.
  4. If the server is Win2003 Server, after run SetlRPL9.exe, you can add NETBEUI and DLC protocol. After installed the protocol, you should re-run SetRPL9.exe.
  5. If the RPL service has some error, you should reboot the server in safe mode( press 'F8' when the server start). And re-run SetRPL9.exe.

CInstallation Win9X on workstation with hard disk

  1. Add a hard disk  to a workstation. You can install the Second version of Win98 or Win98, Win97 or Win95. The operate system should be installed in C:\WINDOWS directory.
  2. Suggest not installing Dial-up software at this time. If system can't auto configure network card, you should configure network card by manual, then install TCP/IP protocol. Appoint the IP address and sub-net mask. For example, IP address:, sub-net mask: 
  3. You can install any software you want.   
  4. Suggest you go to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ to update the workstation system, so the Win98 or Win95 system can not be infected by most worms or viruses.
  5. Ensure all software and hardware can work, then you can continue the next section.
  6. If some software can't run on diskless workstation (The first workstation can run the program, when other diskless workstation run it, it will show shared files conflict or other error message), you can install the program to drive S. You can do as below,
  • Make a directory "DiskS" on drive C.
  • Add a command line "SUBST  S:  C:\DiskS" in autoexec.bat on drive C.
  • Re-start the computer, it will show a new drive S.
  • You can install your program to the drive S.
  • Before you UpLoad the HDD to server, you should delete the command line "SUBST  S:  C:\DiskS" in autoexec.bat on drive C.

DUpload software of Win9X workstations with hard disk to W98server

  1. Create a Win98 directory under NTFS partition on server's hard disk, and shared by name Win98,(if you work on Win95, you can create the Win95 directory, and shared by name Win95). Set the Security of the shared directory is GENERIC_ALL for EVERYONE. It will upload all files on disk C to this directory.
  2. Create a DiskD, DiskE or DiskF directory under NTFS partition on server's hard disk, and shared it as DiskD, DiskE or DiskF.  You can upload all files on disk D, E or F to these directories. You can shared the CD-ROM as  DiskF. 
  3. Login on the server with administrator username on workstation with disk.
  4. Copy file UpLoadWin98.exe in directory  C:\RPL_WIN98  to workstation with disk. Or shared it on server.
  5. Run the file UpLoadWin98.exe on the workstation. Upload all files to server.
  6. When the workstation's system is Win95, if UpLoadWin98.exe can't run on it, you should download http://www.zlocksoft.com/download/UpDate95.exe, run UpDate95.exe to update the Win95 system.


EInstallation the software for Win98 diskless workstations on server

  1. Run the provided file Setup98.exe in directory  C:\RPL_WIN98 on the server.
  2. Shared Win98: \\server name\shared Win98. If the server name is not W98SERVER and the shared directory name is not Win98, you should rename them to the actual name be used.
  3. Clients disk: the workstation directory will created in.
  4. WkstaName: if "Convert Adapter" name (under "Remoteboot Manager") is USER01,USER02...USER99 etc for every adapter. the WkstaName must be USER.
  5. Wks amount: the amount of workstation. Max. is 99.
  6. First IpAddress: TCP/IP Address of the first diskless workstation(USER01). Will auto increase by degrees. If you use DHCP, this value can be 0 or
  7. AdapterName: Select the type of Adapter of the diskless workstation. It supports  DAVICOM9102, DFE-530TX, MX987xx, RTL8029, RTL8139, SIS900, Intel Pro100, 3C90xBC(3com 3C905C, 3C905B, 3C900B) and 3C90x(3com 3C905, 3C900).
  8. Adapter Driver: the driver of adapter: *.DOS. If the netcard used in diskless workstation is not list in AdapterName, you can email the Adapter driver to zlocksoft@zlocksoft.com, we will support it for you. 
  9. VenderName: The first 6 characters of AdapterName's MAC address.
  10. ConfigName: Profile name for the Adapter.
  11. Fast Logon: Needn't input user name and password when Diskless workstation start.
  12. Super Protect C,D: Protect the files on drive C and D. Even you set the Security of shared C and D
    is READ, it seems can write and delete the files on it, but in fact it doesn't write or delete any files. But it has some bugs.
  13. Auto Set Security: Set the Security of the shared directory, it's READ and  EXECUTE for EVERYONE,
    GENERIC_ALL for administrators.
  14. Map D: to: Map a disk D to a shared directory.
  15. Map E: to: Map a disk E to a shared directory.
  16. Map F: to: Map a disk F to a shared directory.
  • If the Adapter Driver or VenderName of all diskless workstation are different, you can re-run Setup98.exe. You can just change the Adapter Driver or VenderName, all other items can reserved.


FStart Win9X diskless workstation

  1. Turn on the first diskless workstation, set it start by net as RPL method. On the server run "Remoteboot Manager", refresh the diskless workstation's Adapter, and "Convert Adapter" as USER01.

  1. After the setting steps above, the diskless workstation will start Win9X. If the mainboard of the workstation is  same as that of  the workstation with hard disk, the diskless will run Win9X successful.
  2. If the mainboard of the workstation is not same as that of  the workstation with hard disk, you should press "Home", "End" or "PageUp" on keyboard when the diskless start to set the workstation at Plug and Play installation. 
  3. It will ask the password for Plug and Play installation. You should input twice the password (the password is "zlocksoft"). The diskless workstation will start and find new hardware and install its driver software. You can put the hardware driver CD in the server CD-ROM, or copy the driver software to the shared directory Win98. If the system notice you to reboot the system, you can select NO. Install all drives until the system can show the desktop.  
  4. When the workstation reboot, you should press "PageDown", the system will continue the Plug and Play installation, until all hardware driver installed successful. 
  5. The "Home" or "PageUp" support the ACPI function, the diskless workstation's CMOS should support ACPI and set to Enable. Otherwise the diskless workstation can't start successful.
  6. When you press "End" key, the workstation can run successful whatever it support or does not support ACPI function. 
  7. You should press the key before the Win9X logo show.
  8. You can turn on other diskless workstation, refresh every workstation's Adapter, and "Convert Adapter" as USER02,USER03 etc, and do step 1 to 4 again.
  9. After all diskless workstation installation successful, you should do setp G to backup all workstation.
  10. If the workstation's working directory has many files, and you want delete it, you can press "F10" when the workstation is start. It will delete all files on workstation directory and re-build it. 

GBackup workstations

  1. When all or some diskless workstations can run successful. You can do this step.
  2. Run GetBak.exe in the server.
  3. The workstation will backup files system.dat, user.dat, system.ini and win.ini to the directory CLIENTS under the shared Win98 directory.
  4. When the diskless workstation first start,  or you press "F10" when it start, it will first attempt to copy the backup system files from the CLIENTS directory under the shared Win98. When it failed, it will copy system files from WINDOWS directory.
  5. If you press "Home" or "End" when diskless start, it will immediately copy system files from WINDOWS directory under the shared Win98 directory.

H.  Set Dates the WIN98 diskless workstations can run

  1. You can set the date limit for diskless workstations to prevent your customer can't paid for you on time etc.
  2. Run SetDate.exe on the server.

I Add software on diskless workstation

  1. The best way is add software on workstation with hard disk. If the originally hard disk is not exist, you can use a new hard disk, fdisk and format it. Put it in one diskless workstation, boot it from RPL, when the diskless Win98 success start, you can copy the files on shared C to hard disk C, copy files on shared D to hard disk D etc. After that, you can boot system from hard disk, and you can add any software on it, after you setup all new software, you can run UpLoadWin98.exe, and run Setup98.exe on server.

  2. Immediately add software on diskless worstation,

  1. Shut off all other diskless workstation, start one diskless workstation which has the same mainboard with the workstation with hard disk, press "Ctrl+Home" before the logo show, input twice  password (zlocksoft), the workstation will start as the install pattern.
  2. You can setup program you want. Most software can setup on diskless workstation. When you setup some program, the workstation may be deathly stillness, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del, you will find the program halt on "_delis", you can end this task, then the program can continue setup.
  3. Some program, for example IE60, Windows Update, can't setup on diskless workstation, you should setup it as method A.
  4. After you setup all software you want, you can turn on all diskless workstation, and should press "Home" or "End" to update it.


  1. If  the diskless workstation in fact has not drive A:, but sometimes you should set the CMOS  it has. You can set "Standard CMOS Features"--->"Drive A" is "1.44M, 3.5in.", set "Halt On" is "No Errors".  You can set "Integrated Peripherals"--->"On board FDC Controller" is Disable.
  2. If the workstation has not hard disk, some times you should set the "Integrated Peripherals"--->"On-Chip Primary PCI IDE" or "On Chip IDE Channel0" is Disable, set "On-Chip Secondary PCI IDE" or "On Chip IDE Channel1" is Disable. 
  3. If you don't use the COM ,  PRN, USB or Modem port, you can changed it to Disable under "Integrated Peripherals" in CMOS.
  4. You should change "Advanced BIOS Features"-->"Virus Warning" to Disable in CMOS.
  5. You can assign IP address for every diskless workstation, you can edit the file USER??.IP under shared Win98 directory. Change the IP address as you want.
  6. If you want import different register data to every workstation, you can put the REG data to the end of the file USER??.IP.


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